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FRIDAY, May 13th

12noon to 3pm

SATURDAY, May 14th

8am to 3pm

  • Residents may bring scrap metal and large non-hazardous items.

  • Residents may NOT bring hazardous material, paint, tires, batteries, or excessive construction debris.

  • Regular household waste will not be accepted, it should be picked up curbside.

  • Each resident will be limited to one pickup truck- sized load.

  • ID required. 

Some residents have abused the prohibition on construction debris in the past and the Trustees reserve the right to reject any load not deemed acceptable.


Tires will be collected at the tire trailer by the County.


The County Collection Center also accepts hazardous items, such as paint, antifreeze, recyclable materials, and items to be shredded.

For more information on what the county accepts, visit:

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