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Grafton Township Fire & Rescue Lock Box Program

What is a residential Lock Box?

A lock box is a heavy metal box that contains a key to your home. The lock box is locked by a special key that is only available to the Fire Dept. and EMS.

Why have a Lock Box?

In the event of an emergency, fire and/or EMS personnel can use a specialized key to open the lock box. Rescue personnel would then use your house key to make entry into the home. This would save valuable time gaining access to you and/or your family. Unnecessary damage to your home will also be prevented.

Where would the Lock Box be located?

The lock box would be mounted by fire personnel on the door frame between the main entry door and the screen door. You would then need to supply a house key to be placed inside the lock box.

If interested, call (440)926-2166 for more information. M – F 7:30 – 4:00

Grafton Township Fire Dept.

17109 State Route 83

Grafton, OH 44044

Lock Box
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