Grafton Township friends: Please take a minute to sign up for Lorain County’s Emergency Notification System. Currently all land-lines are loaded, but you can register cell phones, work phones, or other numbers where you might want to receive a notification. You can choose the medium that should be used ( call, text, or SMS) and block any hours when you do not wish to be contacted. You can also choose to receive notifications that are sent to the entire county or pick certain areas only or both. (This may come in handy if you have relatives in other areas of the county).

Trustee's Meeting

The Board of Trustee’s regular meeting is scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month starting at 7pm at the town hall.  Special meetings are held as needed.

Grafton Township News – March/April 2021 Edition


A $500 event sponsorship grant from NOPEC was used for the fire department pancake breakfasts.

We received approval for a $3,432 energized community grant from NOPEC.  We plan to use the funds to complete the transition of fluorescent lighting to LED that started a few years ago & to insulate the road department office.

Hall Rentals

Our town hall is available to be rented.  Please visit this link for information & photographs.  For additional information, please call Bob Richards at 440-387-2498.

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